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[등록안내] AO Spine Case-based 3D bone model 웨비나
작성자 홍길동 홍길동 작성일 2021-05-062021-05-06 조회수 6363

Live demonstration


3D Online Course


Cervical posterior fixation
(From C0 to Upper Thoracic)


Live demonstration


2021 5 29(), 10:00-13:30(한국 시간)


이번 온라인 코스는 3D 형을 이용한 사례기반 교육으로 Cervical posterior instrumentation의 주요 치료기법에 대해 다뤄질 예정입니다.

이 교육을 통해 참석자분들께서는 3D 뼈모형으로 진행되는 데모 시연을 시청하시며 경추 수술에 대한 최신 동향 및 기술에 대해 국내외 최고 전문가들의 견해를 들으실 수 있는 기회가 될 것입니다



-AO Spine Member: 무료

-Non AO Spine Member: USD 40





Date: 2021 5 29()
오전10:00- 오후13:30 (한국시간)



Topic 1

Atlantoaxial Dislocation & Basilar invagination

Fengzhen Jian


Fengzhen Jian
Beijing Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University



Zan Chen


Zan Chen
Beijing Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University


Topic 2

Cervical spondylotic myelopathy with C1-2 subluxation and kyphosis due to Rheumatoid arthritis

Fengzhen Jian


Jae-Taek Hong
The Catholic University of Korea, Eunpyeong St. Mary's Hospital


Topic 3

Dropped head deformity

Fengzhen Jian


Takashi Kaito
Osaka University


Four Key Features


What surgeons are saying about this Course


"The faculty gets to demonstrate the exact steps discussed for the case in discussion, and the learner gets to see the surgeon operating prospectively from the start (rather than an edited video) with all the inherent problems and hurdles - like a live surgical demo, but one better as the case can be prechosen!"

Abhay Nene


Abhay Nene



"The Case-based 3D bone model course adequately demonstrated how the proper application of surgical instrumentation and maneuvers can address spine pathology via remote learning. The live video feed complemented the high yield lectures by the expert panel."

Jose Joefrey Arbatin


Jose Joefrey Arbatin


"From a learner’s perspective, the provision of this combined discussion followed by the immediate demonstration of surgical correction technique allows me to expand the grasp of my knowledge comprehension beyond its theoretical context by enhancing my visual registration through the direct stepwise manner surgical correction technique on a 3D simulated model of a real patient."

Wendy Lee
Hong Kong


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