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2nd Gwangju International Spine Symposium
작성자 관리자 관리자 작성일 2020-07-222020-07-22 조회수 2222

2nd Gwangju International Spine Symposium

; The health of aging spine


Welcome Message

Dear Colleagues,


It is out pleasure and honor to welcome you to the 2nd Gwangju International Spine Symposium (GISS). It is all the more glorious to have many excellent international and domestic guests in Gwangju, Korea.

Gwangju is the leading city of west-south region in Korea, with the entire nation within a day's reach, and the members of Gwangju Spine Society have been many spine conferences for a long time and this 2nd GISS is its extension. We hope not only to sharpen and share our knowledge and experiences in the topic of this symposium “Aging Spine”, but also renew our friendships and enjoy as a city rich in culture and arts.

We would like to thank you for coming from far away, and hope this symposium contributes to the further development of Gwangju and Korean Spine Society.


Co – Chairman : Heongyeon Seo, MD, PhD, Hongmoon Sohn, MD, PhD





Kimdaejung convention center(김대중컨벤션센터)



Regular Registration

: August 22th, 2020, USD 50$, KRW 50,000 won

: Submit the registration form by E-mail below.

Tel: +82-10-4659-4848 (Jihun Park, MD)

E-mail: sticks21@hanmail.net (Jihun Park, MD)

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